Staff Planning

Let your staff self-report their availability and create rosters with qualified staff in the right place.

Peace of mind in your workforce planning

With Recras, you automate your personnel management and make your staff responsible for their own scheduling and timekeeping.

Up to date work instructions

In Recras you can indicate per product what your staff should think about. Provide clear instructions and guidance for your activities. Without causing you extra work.

Communicate availability

All your staff can independently submit their availability. This makes scheduling staff a manageable task. With the ability to add qualifications per team member, you will always have the right supervisor in the right place.

Overview at a glance

Create timesheets in a snap. Give your staff an overview of their hours worked and create monthly overviews with total hours per employee. This makes personnel administration much faster.

Staffing per booking

Staff scheduling in Recras can be linked to the number of bookings. Is there a large group? Then Recras will automatically want to assign more staff. You can also create regular repetitive shifts in Recras for fixed work such as staffing a front desk that are not dependent on the number of guests.

Staff is automatically emailed

Recras checks each day or per staff member who has yet to be informed of a shift. Suppose you have scheduled someone but he or she has yet to confirm the shift, Recras will send an email that shifts have yet to be confirmed. But changes in start and end times will also be emailed automatically.

Staff Qualifications

Schedule staff with the required qualifications for your operations. Recras will remind you of this during staff scheduling and notify you if the required qualifications are not present during a shift.

Overview in your organization

On busy days, your recreation business can be a hectic affair, so you may overlook tasks. The management system of Recras ensures that all open actions are visible. This is done on the homepage of your Recras environment, using the blue buttons. These notifications keep you informed of unread emails, open applications, expired quotes, past due invoices and personnel services yet to be processed.

When you eliminate all reports daily, you know that you have done all administrative tasks -from customer contact to personnel management. When your operations are in order, you have more peace of mind and overview in your organization.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.