Management system for FEC

Manage your organization in one system. Streamline bookings, scheduling and administration with Recras.

✓ Free introduction

✓ Help for setting up optimally

✓ Subscription based on sales value

✓ Efficient personnel management

Scheduling, time recording, communication and overview of hours worked are all available to everyone. All staff can log in themselves and submit their availability.

✓ Business statistics at your fingertips

Keep track of your results. Among other things, gain insight into sales figures per product, average sales per customer, visitor numbers, total personnel costs and purchasing costs.

✓ All booking information in one place

Customer data, booking information and customer communications are kept on the same page. This maintains a fluid transfer of information throughout your organization.

Everything under control

With Recras you take the organization of your recreation company to the next level. By combining booking information with operational overviews you use your material better, plan your staff more efficiently and take bookings to maximum capacity. Working with Recras delivers you time, happy visitors and money.

Planning and overviews

Monitor daily ticket availability, staffing and start times for your activities. Create draft schedules based on expected crowds, request new staffing services and see overviews of open follow-up actions.


With Recras, you have insight into your business data. Find out how your FEC is performing compared to previous years. Study visitor numbers, turnovers, total number of registered hours and booked activities and packages. See where you can still grow and immediately turn your ideas into adjustments to your planning, products and booking processes.

Reports and follow-up actions

Keep track of all open actions. You will be notified of new group requests, expired invoices, follow-up actions for customer contact and also when the staff schedule is incorrect. Using clear blue buttons in your Recras environment, you and your staff can immediately see what actions need to be taken.

Offer all your activities and packages online

The Recras reservation system is built from widgets. This gives you flexibility in setting up booking processes that suit your family entertainment center. All your products are easily entered into the system after which the booking process can be fully automated. The seamless integration on your website makes booking activities a pleasant customer experience.

Book processes

In 5 steps your booking process online. Widgets are the building blocks of the Recras booking system. This allows you to set up each booking process as it suits your organization and the activities you offer. The reservation module and contact forms are then easily integrated into your website in your corporate identity. With automatic confirmation emails and quote templates you ultimately ensure a smooth customer experience.

Customer Contact

The moment your customer makes a booking, a communication flow begins. With Recras you can automate large parts of this. You compose the messages yourself and choose the sending moments. Think of a confirmation immediately after a booking and a message with the latest information a few days before the activity takes place.

Box Office

With the checkout view in Recras you have a grip and overview of the daily flow at your location. So you always have the current availability and daily schedule at hand. Arriving reservations, passers-by and telephone requests can be processed quickly and easily in the booking overview. Of course you also have access to cash register specific functions such as sales, cash and pin payments, invoice management and daily closing.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.