Smart software for event venues

Streamline your operation. Bring customer contact, scheduling and production together in one system.

✓ Free introduction

✓ Help for setting up optimally

✓ Subscription based on sales value

✓ Complex requests, quickly answered

Send personal and customized quotations at lightning speed with Templates. In your own house style with attachments such as general conditions and directions.

✓ Booking information and communication in one place

Customer data, booking information and customer contact are kept on the same page. This maintains a fluid transfer of information throughout your organization.

✓ Always current availability

Offer your event venue worry-free. Recras ensures that available dates are only offered up to maximum capacity.

With Recras you take the organization of your recreation company to the next level. By combining booking information with operational overviews you use your material better, plan your staff more efficiently and take bookings to maximum capacity. Working with Recras delivers you time, happy visitors and money.

Custom quotes

Templates allow you to send customized quotes at the click of a button. Unique and compiled packages can be easily clicked together. Customers can then accept the offer online, after which an order or booking confirmation is automatically sent. If necessary, you can add your own selected attachments.

Customer Contact

The e-mail contact you have with customers is automatically collected on the corresponding booking pages. In case of telephone contact, you simply create an internal note on the customer page. This way, appointments and changes can always be found for everyone.

Planning and overviews

Oversee periodic schedules for availability of space, equipment, personnel and any start-up times for your operations. Create draft schedules based on expected crowds, request new staffing services and see overviews of open follow-up actions.

Reports and follow-up actions

Keep track of all open actions in your location. You will be notified of new group requests, expired invoices, follow-up actions with customer contact and also when the personnel planning is not correct. Using clear blue buttons in your Recras environment, you and your staff can immediately see what actions need to be taken.

Book processes

In 5 steps your booking process online with Recras Widgets. Widget are the building blocks of the Recras reservation system. This allows you to set up each booking process as it suits your organization and the activities you offer. The reservation module and contact forms are then easily integrated into your website in your corporate identity. With automatic confirmation emails and quote templates you ultimately ensure a smooth customer experience.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.