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Turn online booking into a fluid customer experience. Build your ideal booking process with widgets. For single activities and the most comprehensive packages.

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In 5 steps your booking process online

Widgets are the building blocks of the Recras reservation system. With these you set up each booking process as it suits your organization and the activities you offer. The reservation module and contact forms are then easily integrated into your website in your corporate identity. With automatic confirmation emails and quote templates you ultimately ensure a smooth customer experience.

Enter your products and packages

With Recras you offer both single activities and the most comprehensive packages online. Also up sell options such as jump socks, extra paintballs and catering is possible. Even products from external suppliers can be included in a booking process.

Add start times and required materials

Sell based on capacity and avoid overbooking. Handle the dates and times when booking is allowed and Recras constantly keeps track of available starting times and tickets. Additionally, you control how far in advance your customers are allowed to book.

Choice in paying

Determine how your customers can checkout. With Recras you have the option of offering iDeal, on invoice and at the checkout as payment options. However the customer pays, the payment status can always be found on the booking page. When using iDeal, you need an account with our payment service provider Mollie.

Customer data and booking information

Determine what data and information you need from your visitors for your activities. This can be set and adjusted for each booking process. When a booking is made, the information is collected on a unique booking page. This way you have all customer data and booking information together in one place.

Integrate booking options on your website

The Recras reservation module and contact forms integrate with one click on your website through our WordPress plugin. This way the booking takes place in your own environment and you don't link to an external page. Integration via an iframe or custom solution with another CMS is of course also possible.

The Recras reservation system

With our reservation system you offer hassle-free online tickets, packages and additional products for up sell. Recras ensures that bookings, starting times are offered only up to maximum capacity based on current availability.

You easily integrate the booking system on your website. Below you can see a working example of what the booking module looks like for your customers. Feel free to try it out and make a booking. If you want to know how this booking is handled by the system, request a demo password to log in.

Website integration

Integrate the booking system seamlessly into your website. With the WordPress plugin you have the booking module online in one click and you can let your customers book on your own website. In any other CMS, Recras can be integrated via an iframe or custom solution. More information about the integration options can be found on the integration page.


If you want to learn more about the full setup and integration of booking processes, we recommend watching the webinar with Harrie. He is the man of processes with us and will tell you exactly how to make Recras work for your recreation business.

Advantages of booking online through Recras

✓ Flexible design of a booking process through widgets

✓ Bookings are only accepted based on availability

✓ Invoicing and payments are processed in the same system

✓ Booking information, customer data and work instructions are combined

In addition to streamlining your reservations, Recras also automates much of your operations. That combination makes for a powerful management system for any recreation company.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.