It starts with a booking

A recreation business at full capacity is an interplay of different processes in your organization. All these processes get moving when a booking comes in. From that moment on, Recras starts working for you.

Automate your booking process

Integrate Recras on your website and offer your activities, packages and additional products easily bookable. Automate booking processes so you spend less time on administration for requests.

Custom quotes

Templates are a powerful feature in the Recras quote tool. Send quotations with the click of a button. With pre-populated customer data, you personalize and tailor the proposal. Customers can then accept the quote online, after which a booking confirmation is automatically sent.

Fluent customer contact

Automate confirmations and send offers at lightning speed. Increase your customers' anticipation with personalized emails and additional information about their activity.

Box Office

For optimal flow in your recreation business. Sell your products carefree at the counter. Scan tickets, check current availability, handle payments and customize bookings with additional people and purchased products.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.