Management system for climbing parks

Bring bookings, capacity, scheduling and communication together in one view your organization can rely on. Streamline your climbing park with Recras.

An administration and reservation system in one

Recras brings together the management of bookings and business operations. This creates a series of automated processes. Think of customer contact, invoicing and staff scheduling. Recras takes a large number of recurring tasks off your hands by standardizing these processes. You will see that the management of your bookings improves, you have an easier overview of your administration and you schedule your staff and materials more efficiently. The result is a streamlined organization of your climbing park.

Holds every reservation

If reservation information is kept in different places, it can be difficult to keep track of bookings properly. That creates turmoil in your organization and gets in the way of a good experience for your customers. With Recras, you stay on top of every reservation, contact with your customers and outstanding orders with suppliers. From a single dashboard, you track booking progress.

Give each customer personal attention

It is important for climbing parks to give every customer the attention they deserve. A good experience keeps customers coming back. With Recras' reservation system, you easily set up a booking process that allows you to offer customers a cordial and personalized customer contact in an automated way. You can respond in record time and confirm bookings with related information instantly. All communication around a booking is collected in one place so that all your employees have direct insight into the executive tasks that are important to them.

Optimize contact with your customers and increase bookings

If you have to use multiple programs to confirm a booking, you are often searching for information unnecessarily. Plus, tasks like manual data entry quickly take up a lot of time and create more room for error. Make managing bookings easier and let Recras' management software take work off your hands through powerful features. Automate sending required information when confirming bookings and send out orders to suppliers.

The Recras reservation system

With Recras' reservation system, you offer hassle-free online tickets, box office climbing spots and group packages. Recras ensures that bookings are only offered up to maximum capacity based on current availability.

You easily integrate the booking system on your website. Below you can see a working example of what the booking module looks like for your customers. Feel free to try it out and make a booking. If you want to know how this booking is handled by the system, request a demo password to log in here.

Peace of mind and overview in your administration

On busy days, your climbing park can be a hectic affair, so you may overlook tasks. The management system of Recras ensures that all open actions are visible. This is done on the homepage of your Recras environment, using the blue buttons. These notifications keep you informed of unread emails, open applications, expired quotes, past due invoices and personnel services yet to be processed.

When you eliminate all reports daily, you know that you have done all administrative tasks -from customer contact to personnel management. When your operations are in order, you have more peace of mind and overview in your organization.

Benefits of a management system

√ Give customers quick answers to their requests
Send personal and tailor-made offers at lightning speed. In your own house style with attachments such as general terms and conditions and directions.

√ Manage booking information and communications in one place
Customer data, booking information and correspondence are kept on the same page. This maintains a fluid transfer of information throughout your organization.

√ Prevent overbooking with a real-time reservation system
Offer worry-free online tickets, climbing spots at the box office and group requests. Recras ensures that starting times are only offered up to maximum capacity.

√ Assign new personnel services quickly and easily
Simplify your personnel management. Scheduling, time recording, communication and overview of hours worked are all available to everyone. All staff can log in themselves and see their work schedule.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.