Reservation system for bowling lanes

Offer your jobs online, with packages and tying. Handle reservations easily with automated emails.

✓ Free introduction

✓ Help for setting up optimally

✓ Subscription based on sales value

✓ In 5 steps online

Enter your products, link your bank details, create a communication workflow to track reservations and integrate the Recras reservation system on your website.

✓ All information in one system

Customer data, booking information and contact with your customer are kept on the same page. As a result, you and your staff always have all the information together quickly.


Offer your bowling lanes and packages online, while taking reservations by phone. Recras ensures lanes are only offered up to maximum capacity.

Offer jobs with up sell opportunities

With Recras' reservation system, along with bowling alleys, you also offer packages for group outings. All your products are easily entered into the system and made bookable with flexible booking processes. With seamless integration on your website, booking a bowling alley becomes a fine customer experience for your customers. With up-to-date capacity management, smart automated messages and convenient internal scheduling and overviews, you have great features to offer your bowling lanes worry-free.

Book processes

Turn offering your bowling lanes online into a fluid customer experience. Build your ideal sales process with widgets and easily integrate them on your website. Online and telephone reservations are taken from the same availability, so you always stay within maximum capacity.

Streamline your customer contact

Send automatic reservation confirmations with attachments such as payment terms and directions. Increase the anticipation or prevent a no-show with a reminder email and ask your visitors afterwards if everything was satisfactory. Manual or automated, the choice is yours.

Box Office

Welcome arriving reservations, schedule phone reservations and add additional drinks to a pending reservation. With the Recras POS view, you have your bowling center under control. Through the mollie pin terminal you easily process pin payments and the Mplus and Povis hospitality POS systems easily link to Recras.

Overview in your administration

With the business management functions of Recras you easily handle the administrative tasks around your reservations. Schedule your staff, send invoices and reminders and process outstanding requests for unique activities in your bowling center. If you keep an eye on the blue buttons in your Recras environment, you will always keep up with your administration.

Administration and reminders

The Recras administration system gives you a clear overview of bookings to be invoiced, and outstanding invoices. Notifications keep you informed of expired payment terms and expired quotations. With the use of Templates you then handle all administrative tasks intuitively and easily with a few clicks.

Staff Planning

Automate large parts of your personnel planning with Recras. Let your staff pass on their availability, making scheduling a manageable task. Then your staff register their own hours, making the monthly overview a snap.

Reports and follow-up actions

The basis of your administrative tasks in Recras are notifications and follow-up actions. This allows you to keep track of all open actions. You get a signal when new group requests, expired invoices, follow-up actions on customer contact and also when the staff schedule is not correct. Through the clear blue buttons in your Recras environment, you and your staff can immediately see what actions need to be taken.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.