We are Recras

A unique combination of passionate recreation entrepreneurs and savvy programmers.

About Recras

Recreation businesses are great, we know all about that. As a recreation entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to give people an unforgettable day by organizing unique activities in beautiful locations. We also know how much work that is.

That's why in 2012 we started developing Recras: an administration and reservation system for recreation companies. Smart software that allows you to manage bookings and streamline the organization around them.

Recras helps you automate business processes and repetitive tasks. So you end up spending a lot less time on administrative processes in your business. What you get back is peace, overview and attention to the fun things in your recreation company.

The team

Johan Blaauw


Johan is always busy with the further development of Recras. Writing code that makes Recras better is what makes him happy.

Hilko Kooistra


Hilko is happy to help you with any questions you may have about Recras. He is the link between the end users and the developers. Together with the team he supports you to use Recras optimally.

Sander de Jong


Sander enjoys working on the layout and interaction of Recras. In doing so, he is always looking for ways to make the daily use of the program as pleasant as possible.

Marthijn Wolting


No one is more enthusiastic than Marthijn when it comes to Recras. Want to know what Recras can do for your business? Marthijn explains it to you in detail!

Harrie Kerssies


Harrie is always working to simplify business processes and increase the efficiency of your organization. He enjoys diving into Recras with you and helping you set it up as efficiently as possible!

Tijmen Klein


From the very first rules to the current version of Recras, Thyme's passion for automation ensures that he is still looking for ways to improve the program!

Niels Virgo


Niels likes to tell you all about Recras. With his enthusiasm and passion, he would like to show every recreation entrepreneur what Recras can do for every company.

Geert Jan Schipper


When you read any text on this website, chances are it was written by Geert Jan. He makes sure Recras is easy to find, and is concerned with streamlining our sales process.

Hedzer Oosterwal


Hedzer is always passionate about code innovation. He likes to look ahead to improve and keep the user experience up to date.

Working at Recras

Are you looking for fun work? Then perhaps working at Recras is something for you. In a small team you build together on smart software for the recreation industry. That's rewarding work, because every day over 1500 users rely on Recras for their work.

You will join a team where we value open communication, a healthy work-life balance and a relaxed atmosphere. We enjoy going out and occasionally plan an outing together, with the annual 'Recras On Tour' as the highlight.


Open vacancies

At this time, we have no open positions.

Is there no job opening for you listed here, but you think you would fit right in with our team? Then feel free to send an open application to vacatures@recras.nl.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.