'Together we have established a strong partnership'

Spread across four locations in the Netherlands are Fun Forest's climbing forests. Four unique parks with different climbing routes, both horizontal and vertical, ground-based activities and several seasonal adventures. For all groups and ages, from children's parties to company outings. How do you manage all that? Daan from Fun Forest talks about the collaboration with Recras!

About Fun Forest

'What we offer? Great adventures in nature, for everyone,' begins Daan. 'Schools, companies, friends and family: everyone is welcome in our climbing forests in Amsterdam,
Almere, Rotterdam and Venlo. But we are more than just a place for a fun outing. We offer a place where our visitors can overcome their fears and learn about their strengths. And a place where cooperation is key. With us, it's not just the trees that grow. The visitors grow, too. And our staff! We work with a great team of employees. We are a Social Enterprise with a clear mission: among other things, we offer learning and working places for young people with a distance to the labor market.'

On the right track

'Last year more than 100,000 people visited one of our climbing forests. Not only to climb, but also for activities on the ground. From arrow and archery and water sports to an indoor climbing center. The different locations, activities and nearly 200 staff members make it a challenge to keep everything running smoothly. A solid
management software is therefore indispensable. We found this seven years ago in Recras.'


'Before we used Recras, we were working with a CRM system made especially for us,' Daan explains. 'We used it for bookings, among other things. But the system turned out not to be very accessible and was difficult to link directly to our website. Moreover, we organized the personnel planning 'just' in Excel and then had to enter and process everything by hand. Not at all convenient, especially as we continued to grow as a company. Therefore, we researched other available systems. From this, Recras came out as the best match.'


'I myself have been closely involved in the integration of Recras within Fun Forest. Such a process is of course never without a struggle. There is usually a lot
research involved. But the support from Recras really made the difference. We received a comprehensive manual that helped us with the basics. And when
we needed help, we could always call them and were personally guided. Even now, seven years on, we still have monthly contact to, for example, resolve small
issues to resolve.'

Everything in one place

'Recras is now really ingrained in the staff culture. It is a very flexible and complete system - we use it not only for bookings and checkout, but also
for the entire personnel planning. As a result, we have everything in one place. Everything is connected: staff availability and park availability are just a few clicks apart. Recras knows exactly how much material is available, what the capacity is and who is available in terms of staff. Very easy! And it's also a nice, accessible tool for the staff themselves. That, of course, is not unimportant either.


'Not only have we grown in recent years: Recras has also gone through a lot of developments,' Daan concludes. 'They are getting bigger and bigger. But that doesn't diminish the quality of their support and the personal contact. We work on a first-name basis and I even once went there for coffee to discuss some questions. That approachability is very nice. Moreover, we also help them in their development. In several projects, the advice on the system went both ways, and we were also able to provide input for the development of new functionalities. Together we have created a strong collaboration that promises much for the future.

Here's how to use the climbing park reservation system

  1. Enter your products and packages
  2. Add start times and required materials
  3. Link your bank details with our payment service provider
  4. Create a communication workflow to track reservations
  5. Embed the reservation module on your website

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