Optimal flow in your recreation business

Sell your products worry-free at the counter. Scan tickets, check current availability, handle payments and customize bookings with additional people and purchased products.

✓ Subscription based on turnover

✓ No hidden costs

✓ Always terminable immediately

The heart of your counter work

With the checkout view in Recras you have a grip and overview of the daily flow at your location. So you always have the current availability and daily schedule at hand. Arriving reservations, passers-by and telephone requests can be processed quickly and easily in the booking overview. Of course you also have access to cash register specific functions such as sales, cash and pin payments, invoice management and daily closing.

Payment methods at the checkout

With Recras' cash register you easily process cash and pin payments. Vouchers can also be added as a payment method. For pin payments, simply link the Recras cash register to the mollie pin terminal.

Scanning tickets

Tickets receive a unique barcode from Recras that is linked to the booking. When scanned, you can immediately see booking information and payment status in the checkout. Additional people and products are easily added to the booking.

Voucher printer

When you receive payments on location, you can connect a receipt printer to the computer running the Recras cash register. Once the payment is processed in Recras, a receipt will print out.


In Recras, you can assign each user to a role with associated permissions. This makes it possible to use the POS without gaining insight into company-sensitive information. You decide which information and system functions are available to which roles. More information can be found on the users and rights page.



Online payments go through mollie, our payment service provider. To offer your customers online payments, you will need to have an account with mollie. For debit card payments, we recommend using mollie's debit card terminal.


If your recreation company also has a large catering section, such as a restaurant with waiters and kitchen staff. Then we recommend that you link Recras for the hospitality industry with the cash registers of Mplus or Povis. With both products we have good experiences in terms of integration.

Benefits of Recras for your business

√ Administration and booking in one system for better overview

√ Changes are made everywhere through internal links

√ Booking information and work instructions are combined

√ Clear planning and overviews bring peace of mind to your organization

In addition to streamlining your reservations, Recras also automates much of your operations. That combination makes for a powerful management system for your entire recreation business.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.