Website integration

Integrate Recras on your website and let your customers book activities at their convenience.

Adding recras to your website

With the Recras booking module and contact forms, you let your customers book at any time of the day. In the booking process, a customer arranges the booking all by himself, up to and including payment. With the contact form, your customers can make a request, which you then have to confirm yourself. You can also use the forms for custom requests and unique arrangements. Recras can be integrated with your website in several ways, including a WordPress plugin, iframe and custom integration. Below is the overview of which Recras functionalities you can use with which integration.

Functionalities WordPress plugin iframe / external link Custom integration
Book processes
Package booking
Contact forms
Voucher sales
Package availability
Presentation of arrangement X
Presentation of product X
Presentation of voucher X

WordPress plugin

With the WordPress plugin you can easily add Recras to your WordPress website. Installation is quick and with few clicks you have your booking processes and contact forms online. Of course in the style of your website. Here you can find more information about the features of our WordPress plugin.

Public link to booking process or contact form

Every booking process and contact form in Recras has its own public page. By linking from a website to this page Recras is quickly operational. You can find the link in Recras at the booking process under the button 'View this booking process'. With a contact form, this link can be found under the 'View this contact form' link. In practice, placing a link to the Recras page works well, Recras is quickly operational and then Recras can still be integrated with the website, at leisure.

Custom integration

If you are looking to integrate arrangements and contact forms, you can build a custom integration based on our integration library. This library is also used by the Recras WordPress plugin. Through the Recras API it is possible to integrate all features of the reservation system with your website. More information about this can be found in our API documentation. Let us know what your plans are, and we'll look with you for any technical concerns.

Who can help me with integration?

With the help of tutorials, examples and tips on this page, recreation operators, experienced with WordPress, are able to successfully integrate Recras on their website via our WordPress plugin. Recras also contains the necessary information.

However, there are more ways to integrate Recras components with your website. Would you rather have this done by an external party, would you like to use a different type of integration or do you need technical help for example with the design of booking proposals? Then the parties below can undoubtedly help you. Over the years we have come into contact with many different companies and we have had excellent experiences with the following organizations so far.

WordPress integration

Blooming media


City Hall


API integration

City Hall

Social Brothers