Management software for theme parks

Manage ticketing, scheduling and administration in one system. Optimize the flow and organization of your park.

✓ Free introduction

✓ Help for setting up optimally

✓ Subscription based on sales value

✓ Real-time capacity management

With Recras, you sell tickets up to maximum capacity, online and at the box office. Real-time capacity management is one of Recras' smart features.

✓ Oversee your business operations

With Recras you oversee the operations of your amusement park. Planning, overviews and statistics give you a complete picture of occupancy, turnover and costs.

✓ In 5 steps online

Enter your tickets, link your bank details, create a communication workflow to track ticket sales and integrate the Recras ticket system on your website.

Sell entrance tickets with up sell capabilities

Recras' ticketing system increases the ease with which your customers purchase tickets to your theme park. Purchasing tickets becomes a smooth customer experience through seamless website integration and automated emails. With up-to-date capacity management, a smart communication flow and convenient internal schedules and overviews, you have powerful tools in your hands to sell tickets for your theme park worry-free.

Book processes

Turn your online ticket sales into a fluid customer experience. Build your ideal sales process with widgets and easily integrate them on your website. Online tickets and at the box office are sold from the same inventory, so you always stay within maximum capacity.

Box Office

Sell your tickets worry-free at the counter. Scan tickets purchased online, check current capacity, handle payments and customize group reservations with additional people and products purchased.

Customer Contact

Increase your visitors' anticipation with automated messages. From the moment your customer buys a ticket online, the communication flow starts from Recras. Send tickets with personalized emails and send your visitors just before their arrival the latest information such as directions and not-to-be-missed activities.

Suitable for any recreation company

With Recras you take the organization of your recreation company to the next level. By combining booking information with operational overviews you use your material better, plan your staff more efficiently and take bookings to maximum capacity. Working with Recras saves you time, happy visitors and money. That's what our members say.

Streamline your processes

Recras' business management functions help you keep a grip and overview of the operational part of your business. Make the staff planning, process the administration, purchase from your suppliers and dive into current sales figures. With Recras you oversee the daily tasks and future growth, all based on information from one system.

Planning and overviews

Check the daily availability of tickets, staff and starting times of attractions and shows. When group packages are part of your offer, you can easily see in the availability overview whether there is enough material in the park.


With Recras you have insight into historical and current company data. Find out how your theme park is performing compared to previous years. Study visitor numbers, turnover, total registered hours and purchased up sell products. See where you can still grow and immediately turn your ideas into adjustments to your planning, products and booking processes.

Personnel Administration

From scheduling to registration, use Recras to manage your personnel administration. Create draft schedules based on expected workloads, request shifts with automated messages and process time records into monthly statements. Plus, with staff qualifications, you'll always have your staff in the right place.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.