'Without Recras, my administration would have been chaos'

'Strand Sneek is the nicest place for tourists, recreationists and sportsmen to spend a day out on the water', Taco Hofman knows for sure. And he also knows for sure why everything in his company runs like clockwork: 'Without Recras my administration would have been a mess with double bookings and such. I can't live without it anymore.'

Nice day out

From April 1 to October 1, the water ski slope, aqua park and terrace on and near the water are busy almost every day. 'Schools, families, companies and friends come here for a field day, family day, company outing, bachelor party or just for a wonderful day out. And in addition, many a children's party is held here at the Aquapark," Taco lists.

Quick choice

'We started here in 2017,' the owner remembers exactly. 'To be honest, I did not first research a party that supported my administration with a quotation system with integrated invoicing and offered a clear reservation system and daily schedule. Actually, there wasn't much on the market at that time either. So I simply asked three other entrepreneurs about their experiences. Two of them used Recras and they were both very enthusiastic about it. That was the deciding factor for me to choose it as well. And I too am very enthusiastic," laughs Taco.

Along with Recras

'Recras has grown with my business in the years since. I started in the first year with a few thousand visits, but that number has grown tremendously in recent years. The great thing about Recras is that over the years they have continued to ask their 'members' - because that's what they call their users - what they think is important. So they don't come up with updates themselves that perhaps no one is waiting for, but ask what we need. As a result, important updates are integrated into the program every time.'


'If a visitor books a barbecue with me, for example, and I forget to order meat from the butcher, then I have a problem. Recras monitors the parameters and ensures that the butcher receives an email when we receive a booking for a barbecue. If a group is booked, I immediately get a notification to schedule the right staff with the desired qualifications for that day. Hours registration, the schedule, invoicing, purchasing and supplier overview; Recras thinks of everything. It's my secretary. And on the day of the activity itself, it is the cashier and, in addition, the online booking program.'


When asked if Taco would recommend the administration and reservation system for the leisure industry to other entrepreneurs, he thinks for a moment. 'That depends a bit,' he says honestly. You really have to use it yourself and that takes time. You can compare it to breaking in a new member of staff. I've filled out the management software quite nicely, but I could get a lot more out of it. So if you run a simple Bed & Breakfast with a few reservations regularly, I wouldn't do it. But if you are an entrepreneur dealing with staff, quotations, different locations, invoices and reservations, then Recras comes in handy. Indispensable actually.

Professional impression

'Recras never stands still and if you want to make optimal use of all those facilities, you are allowed to grow in that. If a new option comes along that allows you to visually format your quotations very nicely, you can use that. But you have to do something for that first. If you keep working on it and implement all the updates, it ultimately saves a lot of time and leaves a more professional impression.'


'Where Recras differs from other systems in the industry is difficult for me to assess, but I don't think anything like what they offer exists yet. I sometimes get calls from other parties claiming they can do better. But they just can't. That is immediately apparent when I ask about the possibilities. Then it's all over for me. Maybe they can do one or two things better, but they are nowhere near that far a

This is how to use the recreation reservation system

  1. Enter your products and packages
  2. Add start times and required materials
  3. Link your bank details with our payment service provider
  4. Create a communication workflow to track reservations
  5. Embed the reservation module on your website

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