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Link Recras to Mplus Kassa

Mplus and Recras

Among Recras' membership are a large number of companies that, in addition to the group activities they provide, also provide catering services on a terrace. Some of these members are fine with Recras' cash register, but some have a more advanced cash register system where an order can also be taken at the table and then prepared and served at the bar.

Due to the linkability of Mpluskassa, Recras has realized a link with Mplus, of course there are other POS systems for the hospitality industry, but they do not have a link with Recras.


Why a separate POS system?

Why use Mplus or another POS system instead of the Recras POS? If, as a Recras member, you choose to work with an Mplus cash register, it is important to familiarize yourself with it. The following things Mplus can do what Recras cannot:

  • Handheld for the patio. At the bar and in the kitchen, patio orders come in immediately.
  • Mplus owns a kitchen management screen. The cooks can set it so that 4 different dishes are ready exactly the same.
  • Pin devices can be linked to the cash register.
  • The bill can be split.
  • A table layout can be entered, where customers are placed on a table number.
  • Band with which employee logs in.
  • Extensive menu structures (For example, a 3-course dinner where you can choose from 4 starters, 4 mains and 4 desserts for example

In short, Mplus is a true hospitality cash register and has many advanced features.


Advantages of the Recras checkout

Recras is a true activity checkout especially intended for large groups. Recras can do the following things that Mplus cannot:

  • Consider availability based on material & location.
  • Schedule activities at a specific time.


Why a clutch?

For companies that work with both Recras and Mplus, it can be convenient to have a link between the two systems. There are companies that effortlessly run these systems separately side by side, but there are also companies that like to invoice a complete booking from Recras. All snacks and drinks that are charged in Mplus on the day itself can be moved to the correct booking in Recras at the end of the day in 1 click. Finally, the complete invoice can be sent from Recras with a single click.


What does the clutch do?

In 1 operation put drinks that have been charged in Mplus to the correct customer / booking in Recras, so that the final invoice can be sent from Recras with 1 press of a button.


Things to know before using the clutch

What doesn't the clutch do?

  • Create customers in Mplus that are already in Recras.
  • Put bookings from Recras into Mplus; it then becomes financially very unclear and unclear in which system a customer has paid in.


Expanding the link by Up Events

Recras member Up Events from Amsterdam has built an extension to the Recras-Mplus link with an external party. The reason is that Up Events wants to be able to get all statistics and all financial data from Recras. Feel free to contact Up Events to inquire about the benefits of this integration. See here in brief how the integration works.


Basic principles for Recras members

There are some things very important to have clear. If these cannot be met, there is no point in establishing a link. This is because outstanding invoices may then 'disappear' or, on the contrary, be entered 'twice', which may result in chaotic and untidy administration.

Make sure you have described all financial flows (money flows). Such as who do we invoice in advance, who afterwards, when must be paid and where do we register which payment. etc etc. Make sure things invoiced from Recras are also paid in Recras in advance (or afterwards). It is not possible (nor desirable) for an invoice outstanding in Recras to be paid in Mplus.

Maintain the flow that guests should be received in Recras (from the Recras checkout you can do that with 1 push of a button), put them on Going there, only then can you write extra food and drinks back to the customer from Mplus.

A choice has to be made whether the activities (products with time duration) of additional persons are charged in Recras or in Mplus. This should be clearly described in the financial flow.

  • Advantage to choosing Mplus: Guests can checkout directly in Mplus.
  • Advantage to choose Recras: The availability remains exactly correct. It is then important that it is also settled in Recras.

A way in between could be to create a 'Free' product in Recras. So that it is registered in Recras but then also charged in Mplus so that it can be charged there.


Setting up the Mplus link

When setting up the link, the following things should be done:

  • In Recras: Generate a proper link that must then be added in Mplus to activate the link. To do this, in Recras, go to the 'Links' section under 'Management'.
  • In Mplus: set up the link; click here for its documentation.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.