'We have been given the direction to grow at WSC Vlietland'

Watersports Center Vlietland has it all. From a marina to boat rentals and from a climbing park to several outdoor sports. Owner Jelle knows better than anyone that a well-functioning administration and reservation system is essential. 'We have tried a lot of systems over the years, but Recras stands head and shoulders above them.'

Wide range

‘Ruim 35 jaar geleden begonnen mijn ouders met een camping, inclusief kleine jachthaven waar we een paar boten verhuurden’, begint Jelle. ‘In de loop der jaren bleven we groeien. Inmiddels zijn we uitgegroeid tot een heel watersportcentrum met motorboten en sloepen. En we bieden een breed scala aan buitensportprogramma’s. Je kunt bij ons onder andere vlotten bouwen, drakenkanoën en waterfietsen. Ongeveer tien jaar geleden startten we daarnaast met ons klimpark.’ <h2>Puzzel</h2> Jelle: ‘Die groei was natuurlijk heel fijn, maar bracht ook de nodige uitdagingen met zich mee. We gebruikten verschillende systemen voor de boekingen van de verschillende activiteiten. Voor het klimpark gebruikten we Google Agenda en een enorm Excel-bestand. Bootreserveringen hielden we ‘ouderwets’ bij in een papieren agenda. Voor de camping hebben we door de jaren heen wel vier of vijf verschillende programma’s gebruikt en voor de jachthaven hadden we zelfs speciaal een programma laten bouwen, omdat de planning zo’n puzzel was. Niet ideaal.’

From program to practice

'All programs had one problem in common: the program determined how you had to perform the practice,' Jelle explained. 'That could be improved. There was a need for digitization and a fully online booking system. Recras, which by the way only just existed at the time, turned out to fit our needs seamlessly. So when the climbing park was a year old, we decided to implement Recras' new booking system. First only in the climbing park, by the way, to see if it suited us.'

From practice to program

'It soon became apparent that Recras did not determine how we should run the practice, as was the case with many other programs, but that the practice determined how we wanted to set up Recras. We digitized the practice, so to speak. Finally a program that got it! That was really an eye-opener. It also made me look more critically at the other booking programs we were using, including our own written program. It wasn't long before the desire arose to use Recras for our other components as well.'


'I think it took about two to three years for that to really take effect. Recras, of course, had not existed for very long and was still under development. In the early years, the program was not yet suitable for all our complex systems and requirements. But as the years passed and Recras evolved, we were able to transition more and more. We also worked a lot with the founders of Recras. It was a bit like being neighbors, but a little further away. We had the same background and the same vision, which allowed us to help and inspire each other. There was room for us to think along and share experiences technically and practically. I really felt I was part of the development. By the way, that development is still going on. Even after ten years, Recras still thinks along with and as the user, to optimize the program.'

Full direction

'Whether I would recommend Recras to other companies and enterprises? Certainly,' Jelle concludes. I would like to point out that the entry level is quite high. There is a lot involved when you start with Recras, in terms of recording and directing. But it is one hundred percent worth it. You get good help during the process and eventually you have full control over what you make available and present when and where. Recras adapts completely to your wishes, instead of you as a company having to make concessions. The program has definitely contributed to the growth of WSC Vlietland, both for the climbing park and for the rest of the company. Recras gave us the space and direction to grow and develop. That's unique, if you ask me.

Here's how to use the climbing park reservation system

  1. Enter your products and packages
  2. Add start times and required materials
  3. Link your bank details with our payment service provider
  4. Create a communication workflow to track reservations
  5. Embed the reservation module on your website

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