The Recras philosophy

Rest and overview in your recreation business.

The Recras philosophy

Working at a recreation company is great: you get the chance to give people an unforgettable day through unique activities in beautiful locations. To be able to offer such a special day out to as many people as possible requires quite a bit of administrative work. Among other things, it is necessary to keep track of which visitors are visiting at what time, who is guiding them, whether payments have already been made and what still needs to be brought in to make it a great party.

Recras is designed to help recreation owners and employees get back to enjoying their unique recreation business. We do this by automating business processes as much as possible. Generating online bookings, informing suppliers and sending automated emails to customers and staff are good examples. Of course not everything can be automated and human actions remain necessary for your recreation company to function. Even in those cases, Recras helps you keep the administration as simple as possible, through automatic notifications in a proactive, supportive role.

The result? Less administrative work, less worry and more enjoyment from your business. Recras takes care of it for you.

The genesis of Recras

In 2003 Harrie Kerssies and Marthijn Wolting founded 'Taribush', a recreation company in the province of Drenthe aimed at organizing all kinds of family and company outings. During the first years of Taribush, both owners were still busy with their own full-time jobs and that made it extremely difficult to get the administration in order each time. There was a need for a system that could keep track of when an accommodation was rented and to whom.

In 2006 they met Tijmen Klein. He had founded his own programming company "Klein Informatica" in the previous years and decided to take up the challenge to help Harrie and Marthijn get rid of their administrative hassle with both hands. In the following years, the men from Taribush passed on their wishes for the administration system and Tijmen incorporated them into a first web-based version.

When in 2010 another recreation entrepreneur happened to see what kind of system Taribush was using to keep track of all reservations, he roared, "I want that too!". Harrie, Marthijn and Tijmen then put their heads together and launched Recras: an administration and reservation system for the recreation industry, developed by a unique combination of recreation entrepreneurs and programmers.

Success Stories

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.