Tour: the Recras Philosophy

Recras is more than just a reservation and administration system, Recras is build on a philosophy.

Ease, focus and always in control

Recras is focused on ensuring that your company is always up to date with all administrative work and makes it impossible to forget things or make mistakes. Recras tries to automate and standardize as many activities as possible. We are ambassadors for working in the cloud and we think it is important that you can fully implement your own corporate identity.

The Recras homepage, the starting point for your work!

The Recras homepage is the starting point of the work for every employee. Only relevant buttons and components are shown for everyone. These buttons are automatically generated based on the settings. Below we highlight a number of buttons.


These are blue buttons and these are things you should do. Here you will find fo example:

  • New applications
  • Reminders to be sent for expired invoices and bookings
  • Bookings to be invoiced
  • Days on which the staff planning is incorrect.

Follow-up actions

Here is a detailed description of who you should contact after a new application.

View bookings

From here you can quickly view all bookings that you have on a certain day. Especially when you receive a call you want to be able to see quickly if there is availability.

Take care

Here you see buttons of bookings that you should keep an eye on. For example, bookings that are not yet confirmed, but which you may have to take into account with your planning.

In the pipeline

This is a list of a few interesting key figures.

  • How many bookings are still in option?
  • How many days have I been scheduled?
  • How many outstanding invoices do I have?
  • How much do I still have to pay to my suppliers?

By clicking on these buttons you will always end up in the right overview immediately.

Screenshot of the homepage

Try it yourself in the demo?

You can log in to our demo environment to see for yourself how it works, for this you need the login details for our demo. You can request the login details for our demo via the tour overview page.

With the steps below you can experience for yourself how easily you can process a request with a quote / invoice:

Log in and click through the pages

  • Go to and login with your login details
  • Click on the buttons on the homescreen to see what happens
  • By clicking on the Recras icon at the top left you will always return to the homepage
  • Further in the tour we show you how send a quotation

Interested in our system?

Are you interested in our reservation system and would you like to know what Recras can do for you? Let us know!