Tour trough the Recras POS

Tour trough the Recras POS

Are guests presenting themselves at a counter? The Recras POS view is a great way to help you out. Even if guests want to book extra’s on the day of the activity.

Recras has a POS views. Here you can easily perform quick actions for customers. It makes it easy to add two cups of coffee to an existing booking but it is also possible to sell based on availability. For a lot of Recras members the POS is the daily starting point for creating a smooth customer flow.

Kassa van het reserveringssysteem Recras

Kassa van het reserveringssysteem Recras

Sell activities

Recras excels in availability checks. When you have a guest at the counter wou can easily check the availability with just one mouse click and see what time slots are still available. Availability for online bookings and in Recras are always up to date so you will bever have an overbooking. Here is a screenshot of the time selection in the POS view.

Walk-in customer

In the Recras POS all upcoming bookings will automatically added to the view. When a customer spontaneously arrives you can easily create a booking with creating a “Walk-in customer”.


Some guests may have paid online while others pay at the location or receive an invoice afterwords. In Recras it is possible to combine these types op invoicing.

Barcode ad scanning the tickets

When your guests booked online Recras will send them a conformation via mail. This ticket will contain a barcode/Qr code so you can easily scan these with a barcode scanner which will automatically open the customer booking. It shows you if the booking is already paid for. If the group is bringing an extra person or wants to add some extras this can easily be added.

Receipt printer

If you also receive payment at the location in cash or with card you can also connect a receipt printer to the computer Recras is running on. As soon as the payment is processed Recras will print a receipt.

Not a restaurant POS system

It is good to know that Recras is nog a restaurant POS system. Recras excels in organizing activities and prevent overbooking combined with online sales and quotations. Recras is taking care of invoicing and it is impossible not to invoice a booking. If you also own a restaurant with waiters and kitchen staff it could be an option to combine Recras with a POS system that is capable of communicating with the kitchen and setting up table plans.

Try it yourself in the demo?

You can log in to our demo environment to see for yourself how it works, for this you need the login details for our demo. You can request the login details for our demo via the tour overview page.

The POS in practice

  • Go to the Recras POS
  • This a location of the reception that offers tickets but also up selling extras and food&drinks.

In the Arriving soon list you will see reservations that will arrive on a short notice.

  • Click on a booking and let them pay.
  • Open a walk-in customer and sell them some random products.

POS management

  • Go to POSs
  • Here you will find only POS systems that are in the demo.
  • When you click on a POS you can adjust the settings.
  • Go the payment overview to see the payments made today. You can filter these op POS, location or person. This ensures you have always insights in what happened when, how and by who.

Additional information

In Recras we have a lot of help pages to help users with setting up Recras. Here are some links with additional information about the POS.

Interested in our system?

Are you interested in our reservation system and would you like to know what Recras can do for you? Let us know!