Tour trough online booking with Recras

In this tour we will show all all the things you need to know about online booking with Recras.

Let your customers make a reservation and pay online

In Recras it is possible to book activities and complete packages online!

Booking online

With Recras is is possible to let your customers book online. Recras is making sure that no overbooking is possible. Online booking can be integrated on your website.


On the “For Whom” page you find some links to branches. For example on the Climbing page¬†you can book online.

What are the settings in Recras for online booking?

For online bookings there are several settings in Recras.
These are the settings.

  • If there has to be paid online or afterwards at the location/invoice.
  • De datum en tijdstippen waarop geboekt mag worden.
  • How long up front a booking can be made.
  • What (contact)details you want to receive of the customer.
  • If there has to be send a PDF ticket along with the booking details (this can be created with your own styling).

Once you have setup these settings, Recras will now when a booking is allowed it will also take in account that there might be enough availability in materials and locations to ensure an overbooking can never happen.

Integration with the website

Recras is a really flexible reservation system where for the most part you can choose how it looks on your website. We have a plugin for WordPress that can create integration on your website with just one click. Other CMS systems van integrate with an iframe or with a custom integration made your website builder.

This link will provide you with more detailed information.

Interested in Recras?

Are you interested in Recras and do you want to know what Recras can do for your company? Please let us know!