A tour through Recras

In this tour we will inform you about online booking and show you how you can send out a quotation or invoice in a matter of seconds.

A tour through Recras

All in one system

Recras is a system in which all processes related to customers and bookings can be organized and become automated. To find out if Recras meets your wishes, we recommend you to see what Recras can do.

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  • The Recras philosophy

    Ease, focus and always in control

  • Quotations and invoices

    Here you see how you can send out quotations instantly.

  • Reminders and notifications

    Recras makes sure that customers, staff, suppliers and administration will be informed at the correct moment.

  • Online booking

    Here you can see how an online booking with Recras works for your customers.

  • Staff planning

    Always the correct staff at the correct locations based on the automatically generated staff planning.

  • P.O.S.

    Here you can see the Recras P.O.S., see new bookings and adjust existing ones.

  • Overviews and statistics

    All information in Recras can be taken out of Recras. Recras has very clear overviews.

  • Vouchers and discount codes

    Vouchers and discount codes are integrated in Recras. Here you will find the tour.

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