An administration and booking system for the leisure industry,
developed by a unique combination of recreation entrepreneurs and programmers.

What could Recras arrange for me?

  • Online reservations with payment in advance

    Customers are able to book online and pay directly using iDEAL, PayPal and Creditcard. After a reservation is made, the calendar for booking this event via the website is updated automatically.

  • Point Of Sale

    Recras has its own integrated cash register system which allows for sold activities and products at the POS to be added directly to already existing bookings and corresponding invoices.

  • Sending reminders

    Customers receive automatic reminders linked to the reservations and payments made. This will save massive amounts of time.

  • Staff planning

    The entire staff planning can be dealt with by Recras. Staff members can login individually to see when exactly they are scheduled. Furthermore, it is possible to make use of shift registrations, automated staff e-mailing and overviews of recorded hours totals.

  • Fully online

    Recras is an online system which allows its users to access the programme from anywhere, at anytime. This way, staff members can be informed immediately about the consequences of a new booking for their work schedule.

  • The right attachments for the right confirmation

    When sending a booking confirmation, the preselected attachments for that booking are added automatically. These could be the terms and conditions for a specific booking or the directions to arrive at your unique location for example.

  • Customer data

    Customer and booking data together with all relevant customer correspondence is collected on the same page for a complete overview at a mere glance.

  • Default packages

    Create default packages based on preselected activities and/or products in Recras that can be converted quickly into a quotation or booking confirmation. These default packages can be presented on your website using our API.

  • Invoicing

    An invoice can be created very quickly, based on a booked activity or package. Moreover, Recras keeps track of the payment terms of all sent invoices.

  • Location and material management

    Recras keeps track of the number of material that is needed for a certain booking and the amount that will be available at that time. In addition, the number of reserved and available locations is easily accessible. With Recras, the ‘overbooking’ will be a problem of the past.

  • Suppliers

    Booked activities can be linked to an (external) supplier. Does a change occur regarding a certain booking? The supplier will be notified automatically.

  • Rapid quotations and confirmations

    Professional quotations and confirmations can be sent at the push of a button.

  • Results & Graphs

    Our extensive statistics module gives you the opportunity to study your visitor totals, made revenue, registered shifts and many more. This way, it is quite easy to compare your company’s performances to those in previous years.

  • Direct implementation of changes

    The use of links throughout the system ensures that the correct information is on display. New information needs to be inserted only once.

  • Security

    Recras is hosted in a well-secured environment and backups are made on a daily basis. All data is stored safely in the Netherlands. This way not only your company data is guarded safely, but also the personal information of all your customers.

  • Users & Permissions

    For every user you get to decide which permissions he or she has. This allows you to decide which information is accessible to which user, with everyone using the same system!

  • Always in development

    We are always looking for ways to make improvements to your programme. That is why a subscription to Recras not only gives access to the version of today, but gives you access to future versions with added features as well.

  • Integrations

    Using our API, Recras can be linked with your own website, your accounting package, and much more. Have a look at all the integrations we already have.

Could Recras be a good fit for me?

Recras aims to reduce the administrative workload as much as possible and
gives you the opportunity to offer activities for direct online booking.
Examples of companies that use Recras to their satisfaction:

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