Reservations system for outdoor companies

Recras, the booking system for outdoor companies.

Let your attraction park and zoo tickets and other activities be bookable easy and simple with Recras.
Since it really easy to sell your tickets and activities online with Recras. Also group activities can be booked through your website so guest can easily decide to book an activity. You can invest more time in the fun part of your business.

How does booking a outdoor activity with Recras work?

Your tickets can be booked easy and fast online and your guests can also be served at the reception or POS. Group packages and school trips are bookable online but a customized quotation is no problem either with Recras.

Why you would prefer to work with Recras when managing an outdoor company.

With an outdoor company you are always dependent on seasons, weather conditions and temporary staff. You want to act fast when it comes to available staff and planned activities. In Recras you can manage all your activities, materials and locations. Recras will make sure that all staff with the correct qualifications will be planned. It is important that you can send a nice custom build quotation without putting in too much effort, since a great quotation is the visible face of your company. With Recras you can easily put together a complete package and send out a nice quotation with one mouse click. All activities are bookable on your website, reservations can be made but tickets can also be paid online instantly. The smartly invented booking system will guide your customers through some simple steps. When your customers log in they will always see the correct and up to date information. It is also no longer needed to use a separate calendar or agenda, pick up the phone or answer emails. As of then most parts will be automated.

An all in one solution for the recreational branche.

Customers will be reminded automatically about made reservations. You don’t need to do anything on that behalf and your customers will get extra excited when receiving the email. Recras has an integrated POS. With the POS all activities, food and drinks can be added to the current booking and invoice. In this way everything is always complete and you prevent cash difference. The reservation system can also automatically add attachments like directions or your terms and conditions.

A day in the life of a Recras user

You have an outdoor company where a lot of different activities are offered on different locations. You receive an application for a soccer team of 23 gentlemen. You call the contact and together you create a nice package for that weekend. You see in the planning that this is possible. After the program is entirely filled together with the customer you send out a quotation. The quotation is approved instantly and the booking is confirmed. Recras lets you know that the staff planning needs to be updated and will let you generate shifts with the correct qualifications. The men have an amazing day. Eventually they showed up with 21 persons and you decide to change the booking into 21 persons. Recras will create a new invoice. The soccer team will receive a nice automated email 10 months after their visit what reminds them to do a new booking for their upcoming outing.