Reservations system for trampoline parks

The benefits of our reservation system explained

  • Ticket sales on your website with online payment integration

    Your guests can buy and pay their tickets instantly on your website with one of many international payment methods such as credit card and PayPal.

  • Fast quotations and confirmations

    Booking confirmations in corporate identity layout with (if needed) attachments will be send out automatically. With minimal effort you create and send out a custom and personal quotation.

  • Integrated POS

    With the integrated POS you book tickets and catering directly into Recras or you can let the customer pay anywhere you want..

  • Available spots are always up to date

    Since Recras is always aware about your availability per activity and location you can sell your tickets carefree online, at the POS or both.

  • All in one system

    Recras automates your entire business. From quotations to online bookings and from company statistics to staff planning.

  • Easy access to company statistics

    Recras gives you a detailed and clear overview of all your company statistics and results. When you want to dig further in your statistics, the possibilities are endless.

What do our users say?

Bart Sap
Jumpstyle Assen

“Ons personeel is er helemaal weg van! Wanneer ik een personeelslid de vraag stel wat ze van Recras vindt krijg ik de reactie: ‘’Recras is top!’’”

“Vanaf het moment dat wij met Recras zijn gaan werken is ons bedrijf veranderd in een goed geoliede machine. ”
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Linda Schellinger

“Nu we onze tweede vestiging starten, werken we graag weer met Recras samen.”

“Door de medewerkers van Recras wordt er altijd meegedacht, hoe het voor ieder bedrijf het beste ingericht kan worden.”

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Here you can see what online booking looks like for your customers

After Recras is set up it can be fully integrated with your website. There is ticket sales of course, but also the sales of special packages like childrens parties. You can also sell vouchers if you want. Finally, you can integrate a contact form on your website, then send out a custom quotation in a matter of minutes.

Wil je graag weten hoe het reserveren werkt? Probeer dan onderstaande knoppen maar eens uit en ervaar zelf het gemak.

Automate your entire trampoline park with Recras

Are you interested in our reservation system or do you want to know what Recras can offer you? We would like to hear from you. Marthijn, our ambassador, is always excited to tell you everything about Recras and what it can offer you. You can plan an online presentation/consultation yourself or contact us via mail or phone.