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Zapier and Recras

Through Zapier, it is possible to link different online systems together. Via a so-called Zap, Zapier ensures that information is automatically shared between different applications. A Zap is always activated by a certain 'trigger' to subsequently perform an action in the same or another application.

Before you can connect Recras to Zapier, you need an API key. You need to create this API key in Recras. Once you have logged into Recras, go to the support documentation. Click on the profile button at the top right, then click on support. Then search for "api-keys" and follow the steps to create the API key. After you create the API key, you can set up the zap in Zapier.

What can the Recras Zap do for you?

Recras' Zapier integration currently supports the following triggers:


  • New Contact
    As soon as a new contact is created in Recras. You can link this to Mailchimp, for example. So as soon as a new contact is created in Recras put the mail address in Mailchimp.


  • New Invoice
    As soon as a new invoice is created in Recras. In this way you can link Recras with an accounting package, condition is that the accounting package is also in Zapier (see the Moneybird example). Sometimes you cannot link 2 applications via Zapier directly, but a Zap can be used as an intermediate step. You can set up the Zap as follows: At the moment a new invoice is created in Recras, mail it as an attachment to a certain mail address of for example an accounting package, at the moment such an accounting package can handle incoming sales invoices, via Zapier your accounting is still linked to Recras.


  • New Booking
    As soon as a new booking is made, a trigger is deployed. For example, you can have a message posted in chat service slack when another final booking has come in. Or you can have an appointment posted in a calendar as soon as a booking has come in.


  • New Start Moment
    Once a new start moment is created. For example, this is used at a large nature organization that provides field trips. As soon as they add a starting moment in Recras that can be booked online, a staff shift is immediately created. This way, for a very long period, all excursion leaders are already planned ahead.


Supported Actions

Recras' Zapier integration currently supports the following actions:


  • Create Booking
    Allows a booking to be created in Recras. This can be used for example if a booking is created in another system that it is also created in Recras. That way the availability also remains good in Recras. We have few examples of this but it could be set up that way.


  • Submit Contact Form
    In this way, a Google Spreadsheet can be linked to Recras. Thus, suddenly a whole number of bookings can be entered into Recras. The zap then automatically fills out a contact form with the appropriate data as soon as there is a new line in a Google Spreadsheet file.


  • Create a shift
    This one was also explained above. Shifts can be automatically generated in Recras. This can be based on e.g. start moments, but this could also be based on a Google Spreadsheet. Especially if the start times vary every day, this workflow can save a lot of time.


  • Recras related issues
    An iCal can be created from the bookings overview. This can also be linked to Zapier. This way we even managed to link Recras to a thermostat. Neatly 3 hours before a group arrives the CV jumps to 20 degrees.


Creating a Zapier account is free, but the moment you want to work with complicated zaps, or perform many actions per month then there are costs involved.


Using the Recras Zap

First you have to create a Zapier account and you can try to get familiar with Zapier. If you have any wishes regarding Zapier that we do not yet support, please let us know. We are always open for further development of Zapier, just because it offers so many possibilities.

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.