Self-service kiosks, order kiosks and custom touchscreens

Prestop and Recras

Prestop is a manufacturer of self-service order kiosks. Through a Prestop order kiosk, tickets can be sold from Recras. This can be convenient to relieve the kiosk employee. Guests can then start their activities by having their purchased ticket scanned.

Why an order column?

Some of the benefits of an order column

  • The reception does not need to be permanently staffed, it saves time.
  • Your guests can quietly choose their own products and start time
  • It's a visual trigger that works better than having people scan a QR code.
  • You can easily add upselling.
  • You avoid queues behind your reception desk.

How does it work?

On the Prestop column, a booking process runs from Recras. Your guests therefore book a ticket through a booking process. Checkout is done via a Mollie pin device. No ticket rolls out yet, but the ticket is then emailed to the customer. We do recommend purchasing a screen with a receipt printer so that you can use a printed ticket in the future. The ATM cannot be in the rain, so there must be a shelter.

Om de juiste integratie-code uit Recras te halen, ga je naar het betreffende boekproces in de Recras omgeving. Vervolgens kan via de instelling ‘Integratie met website’ onder de tab ‘Integratie met bestelzuil’ de juiste integratie-code worden gekopieerd.

Using an order column

An order column can be arranged with the company Prestop, our contact there is Maurice (, best to contact him.

Recras on a prestop screen

It starts with a booking

The Recras system is built for all types of recreational businesses. Small and large. Whether you rent out 3 canoes or offer complex packages, with Recras you automate your booking process and the organization around it.